Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 1 Term 2

Well, an interesting start to the day. Kids got up, did maths, and then all that brainwork sent to of them to other stayed up and played with me for a while, in fact one of the goodies I got from amazon today.

It was a wonderful surprise, so after maths I opened all the games and books and had a little play. Jacob wanted to play the .Educational Insights Fraction Matchin .with me. It was a success with him and after moments was making links about fractions that he hadn't thought of just by doing paperwork. There is a game creating equivalent fractions, but we also used it as adding fractions to create the selected fraction. I will use it for Maddie to teach equivalent fractions and to solve problems and work in her text book.which she was doing today without the use of the hands on game. I'm sure she'll find it easier, and like Jacob discover links with fractions. By the way, Maddie and Jacob are using a stage 4 maths text book, so I could see these covering more than one stage. They sold things like this without the game aspect, so glad I selected this one. Just makes it multi use really.

So excited to get stuck into the other resources I bought for the kids at the end of last term. If you're interested I'll show you more of our resources and how we use them. 

After the kids woke up again, we got ready, went up the mountains for our ukulele group, and on the way listened to The Book Thief. We went to visit my poor nephew who broke his leg last week and that pretty much summed up our first day back of term 2. Phew, one down 44 to go ;-)

Until next time, lots of it

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  1. Hi there!!! Oh, how I know what you're saying about all consuming Home school. We are finishing her 3rd grade end of year exams as we speak! Only 2 and a half weeks of school left! Wheeee . . . see you soon for the SOC! xoxo