Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Our Science Equipment Ready

So happy and excited.

The second lot of  resources came in today.

A big bundle from amazon.

This is the bundle...reasonable postage too...I was pleasantly surprised...the box was huge and all arrived in perfect order. 

First term we are doing physics and using a bought curriculum. When I get that I will show you it...mega excited by that one.

The microscope Thames and Kosmos Biology Tk2 Scope is what we all played with today.  I have not really looked through a microscope with success before, but you should have heard me scream with joy looking at salt was excited...

I will show you the photos I took with my plain old phone shortly.

This microscope is Thames and Kosmos Biology Tk2 Scope ...I did lots of research and reviews on it and this one came out well considering the was just over $81 Australian ...think its about $84 maybe $15 or so for postage...I got 6 or 7 things from amazon and postage was $ pleased with that...

Oh the biology, earth sciences and just plain fun we can do with it at's as sturdy as anything...really strong plastic...feels tough...

Ok...some was just my camera that I held that took these not pro quality but good enough for the kids to print out and make some photos for their science books.

Here's a couple of the box and the actual microscope.

The box

The actual microscope



Which is an alga

This is even closer...

Mouth swab...ew!!! not ours, it came with it!!!

I was really happy with the quality...can click onto this for link to it...I think I missed my calling, because this is so exciting to me...even my bigger kids were enjoying looking throughout it...

Roll on school starting date...we are starting next Tuesday...very excited by this year...

Until next time

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