Thursday, January 23, 2014

Physics lll

At last....yaaaaayyyy...

The last of my resources (for now) have arrived.

This exciting lot of goodies I got from Noeo Science.

This is their Physics lll kit/curriculum. It says it covers years 7 to 8 , big that's in the U.S. Much of the Australian area of physics can be covered with this both stage 4 and 5, and it even covers some of stage 3.

All I can say is wow.....the electronics kit and the physics kit are amazing quality. The books are informative and beautiful...the instructors guide has reproducible pages for experiments and very clear and simple lesson plans which refer to the books in the kit.
This cost $288 all up including postage.
It sounds quite expensive, but for me it was a kit that I knew I'd use.

I looked at buying the kits and some of the books individually, but in the end thought I'd give the whole thing a go.
Price wise, the kits and some of the books were the same cost. I just wanted to see the curriculum to be honest.

The kits are brilliant.
Firstly, the physics kit...another Thames and Kosmos one...I love quality I've seen. You can purchase these separately too.

This one is the basic kit that comes with it...very sturdy, great quality pieces. It's about $43 at the moment. Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop

 Thames and kosmos physics workshop

This one, will be purchasing on for $61 at the

Thames & Kosmos Physics Pro

The electronic set is's a click on's about $33 at the moment...

Here's the link.

Elenco Electronics Snap Circuits Snaptricity

Here are a few if the books with links.

DK Eyewitness Books: Electricity

  Exploring the World of Physics: From Simple Machines to Nuclear Energy (Exploring (New Leaf Press))

  Physics: Why Matter Matters!

I am looking forward to starting this curriculum...I will keep you posted...I will add the curriculum links soon...when I get onto my computer...

Until next time

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The World Wars

This coming term the kids are studying the World Wars.

You can find the syllabus link here for NSW

Outcomes covered
explains and assesses the historical forces and factors that shaped the modern world and Australia 

sequences and explains the significant patterns of continuity and change in the development of the modern world and Australia
explains and analyses the causes and effects of events and developments in the modern world and Australia
identifies and evaluates the usefulness of sources in the historical inquiry process
explains different contexts, perspectives and interpretations of the modern world and Australia
applies a range of relevant historical terms and concepts when communicating an understanding of the past
selects and uses appropriate oral, written, visual and digital forms to communicate effectively about the past for different audiences

Here is our box of resources, besides textbooks, that we will be using. This also doesn't include the DVDs we will be watching. These are numerous, but on our list are: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas,
Gallipoli, Life IS Beautiful, Bridge on the River Kwai, to name a few.

In the box there is a poetry book about war, a variety of novels, and two huge books that were purchased at Narellen op shop.The one on the right is filled with newspaper pages during the period...very interesting.

There is also a game called Axis & allies 1942 Second Edition . This is a strategic war game...You can click on the link to find it at Amazon. It was the cheapest I could find, including the postage...if you read my last post I got this as well in my bundle of 6 other  goodies posted for $80 all up. There were a variety of Axis and Allies games there, but this one was and appeared to be the best value...there's a $25 Axis and Allies 1941 Board Game dollar one, but it didn't get the best reviews on it...there's also more expensive ones too Axis And Allies Europe 1940 ...but $45 seemed just about right to me... :-)

The pieces inside are plastic but pretty sturdy...the actual board itself comes in two open it out...I'd say maybe 80 by 80cm big....and it's a map of the whole world....throw a bit of Geography in there as well...

I'm really looking forward to learning this game and playing it with the kids.

In the box is also a Japanese WW2 helmet that hubby picked up from a local garage sale.

We are also studying The Book Thief for English, and going to see it at the movies the second week back to work.

Until next time

Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Our Science Equipment Ready

So happy and excited.

The second lot of  resources came in today.

A big bundle from amazon.

This is the bundle...reasonable postage too...I was pleasantly surprised...the box was huge and all arrived in perfect order. 

First term we are doing physics and using a bought curriculum. When I get that I will show you it...mega excited by that one.

The microscope Thames and Kosmos Biology Tk2 Scope is what we all played with today.  I have not really looked through a microscope with success before, but you should have heard me scream with joy looking at salt was excited...

I will show you the photos I took with my plain old phone shortly.

This microscope is Thames and Kosmos Biology Tk2 Scope ...I did lots of research and reviews on it and this one came out well considering the was just over $81 Australian ...think its about $84 maybe $15 or so for postage...I got 6 or 7 things from amazon and postage was $ pleased with that...

Oh the biology, earth sciences and just plain fun we can do with it at's as sturdy as anything...really strong plastic...feels tough...

Ok...some was just my camera that I held that took these not pro quality but good enough for the kids to print out and make some photos for their science books.

Here's a couple of the box and the actual microscope.

The box

The actual microscope



Which is an alga

This is even closer...

Mouth swab...ew!!! not ours, it came with it!!!

I was really happy with the quality...can click onto this for link to it...I think I missed my calling, because this is so exciting to me...even my bigger kids were enjoying looking throughout it...

Roll on school starting date...we are starting next Tuesday...very excited by this year...

Until next time

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Planning planning planning

Been a while for sure.

Thought I'd touch base again as we are coming into the new year of learning.

Thought I'd give an update since July 2013.
 We continued to struggle through our learning...when I say struggle I mean finding our does take a while to get into the groove of how your family works best...I could show you lots of things, exciting wonderful things, that we did...also lots of great work...but I won't....

What I will do is start from this point...and hopefully pop into this blog some useful info, links and ideas, and what the kids get up to.

I have spent a few weeks last year, just before Christmas, planning for 2014. I planned it all, then at the beginning of this year found a whole heap of wonderful resources, so of course I changed our programme, as you do, to make it more hands on for the kids.

I must admit, I am very excited about this year.

My goal is to have a peaceful year of learning...peaceful and beautiful.

I have read a bit about Steiner education, and although I am not totally following it I really can relate to many of the ideas in it.

So, this year will involve lots of beautiful artworks, drawings and really making beautiful folders of work...something that the kids didn't do much of last year, we'll the artwork they did, but not the bookwork.

Term 1 will consist of a study of the world wars...much of our work will be related to them. For English we are studying The Book Thief....reading it, and seeing the movie and studying the world wars for History, in particular Australia's involvement in the wars.

I'll go further in depth and show you some of the resources we are using for all the subjects as they arrive.

For maths we are using excel revision text books, along with khan academy...the kids love Khan so we will go with that for a while.

Science was going to be purely text books...but science is one subject that we seemed to do in spits and spats so I purchased a curriculum with gorgeous books and a couple of great kits. Can't wait until that one arrives.

Music will involve a great composers unit study, plus ukulele with a home schooling group...which is loads of fun.

Visual arts will involve a study of the great artists, using a great online unit of work, plus a variety of fun activities for the kids...term one will involve a stop motion movie....looking forward to that one.

Technology is going to be covered by building veggie patches, designing toys and using digital programmes, cooking, sewing and designing something to make their school area more pleasant.

PDHPE happens naturally when you home educate, but the kids will also be doing a parkour lesson each week at the local YMCA. They love it.

LOTE is going to be Auslan this year, not a traditionally accepted language but in our world a very important one. We have a lesson and use apps for that.

Pretty sure all is covered now.

What I will do in coming days is go into each one in detail, listing resources, which I can't wait to get!!!

Our learning room....

Our bench in the learning area...

That's it for now.
Until next time
Take care