Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yes, I am really starting home schooling in the true sense of the word. With one anyway. Connor is in Year 7 and he will be starting on Tuesday. Jacob and Maddie are continuing Distance Education for this coming term, and we will see how successful that is and reassess toward the end of the term.

I called this blog Really? Home Education because many people certainly do have that response to this decision. Our reasons for starting home education were probably very different to why many homeschool, ie Jacob's illness and the necessity to do it. But since doing it, my attitude has certainly changed towards it, and I believe it is a very positive way for your children to learn I could go into the lists of why, but many people have already done this on many an article. I believe home education is a lifestyle choice, and we have gone down that path. With support from the many other wonderful homeschoolers, this lifestyle can be a wonderful one.

This blog will be for a record of what the kids do and how they are doing. The kids will be making entries as well with their triumphs and work.

This blog will show you the adventures the kids go on and how that is incorperated into their curriculum.

Hopefully this blog will give you inspiration and ideas for your children as well.

Ok. Well we are two days before school begins for Term 2.

The Subjects Connor will de doing are:
Visual Arts
Here are 2 of the many many text books we will be using for resources. (Thought I better put in a photo.)

I am a lover of all things Visual Arts so heres hoping for some amazing artworks. We are also all very excited about learning Italian and hoping that many of the family will become efficient in at least saying Hi! to each other.

No photos as yet. And there is still much to do. I need to sign them up with Maths Online. I have heard many wonderful things about this program. I still have some minor tweeking to do but in all honesyt I am really looking forward to the challenging times ahead.

Until next time
Take care

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