Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2nd May 2012

Art and the Rennaissance
Today we talked about Leonardo Da Vinci with a myriad of his artworks flashing before our eyes. Just check you tube, there are that many you can pick from. I thought it would be fun to experiment with different drawing mediums.I said quick kids, go grab some stuff to draw. Would yoy believe they got some fruiy and threw it into a bowl...lol...we then made our page roughly in quarters and drew a graphite pencil drawing, an ink continuous drawing, which they loved, a drewing using charcoal pencils, and concentrating on shading. These pencils are much cleaner than blocks of charcoal.  The last was a choice of your own. e finished off with listening to Verdi's  La Traviata .Here are the results..





This was enjoyed by al the kids, and me!

Until next time
"And will you succeed? Yes in deed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters per cent guarenteed!"
-Dr Seuss

Mandy. Connor, Jacob and Maddie


  1. looks like you had fun with the art stuff... i think its a wonderful thing that you are doing, although i certainly couldnt do it, i admire you for it..... your kids are obviously flourishing, so whatever you are doing is right and working....good on you

  2. This is so great.. What a great idea to blog their work as a way of record keeping - AND encouragement! We homeschool our 5 as well (though really, only 3 are formally enrolled)and the hardest thing for me to keep up with is art. HOW crazy is that?? I value it so much yet we leave it for Friday...the day that most often unravels into chaos. This is a great inspiration for me and mine. I think next year I will start off our week with art!