Monday, May 21, 2012

Science Experiments

These last few weeks have seen the kids very busy.
Lots of library time, with Ancient Egypt dvds being on our agenda.
Connor is doing a powerpoint presentation on Ancient Egypt making sure he covers information like everyday life, gods, a timeline, to name a few.
We are slowly learning Italian, Caio , hahaha...
So, science, we had a mystery liquid and had to do different ways of separating to discover what was in it.
First he did filtration, then we used heating to separate the water from the solid...on the stove in a pot...who says it has to be all, here are some photos...

The kids also had to solve a was a bit daggy, but the loved doing it anyhow. The above photo is connor and jacob learning guitar...

oh the places you'll go.....dr suess

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