Thursday, January 23, 2014

Physics lll

At last....yaaaaayyyy...

The last of my resources (for now) have arrived.

This exciting lot of goodies I got from Noeo Science.

This is their Physics lll kit/curriculum. It says it covers years 7 to 8 , big that's in the U.S. Much of the Australian area of physics can be covered with this both stage 4 and 5, and it even covers some of stage 3.

All I can say is wow.....the electronics kit and the physics kit are amazing quality. The books are informative and beautiful...the instructors guide has reproducible pages for experiments and very clear and simple lesson plans which refer to the books in the kit.
This cost $288 all up including postage.
It sounds quite expensive, but for me it was a kit that I knew I'd use.

I looked at buying the kits and some of the books individually, but in the end thought I'd give the whole thing a go.
Price wise, the kits and some of the books were the same cost. I just wanted to see the curriculum to be honest.

The kits are brilliant.
Firstly, the physics kit...another Thames and Kosmos one...I love quality I've seen. You can purchase these separately too.

This one is the basic kit that comes with it...very sturdy, great quality pieces. It's about $43 at the moment. Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop

 Thames and kosmos physics workshop

This one, will be purchasing on for $61 at the

Thames & Kosmos Physics Pro

The electronic set is's a click on's about $33 at the moment...

Here's the link.

Elenco Electronics Snap Circuits Snaptricity

Here are a few if the books with links.

DK Eyewitness Books: Electricity

  Exploring the World of Physics: From Simple Machines to Nuclear Energy (Exploring (New Leaf Press))

  Physics: Why Matter Matters!

I am looking forward to starting this curriculum...I will keep you posted...I will add the curriculum links soon...when I get onto my computer...

Until next time

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