Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The World Wars

This coming term the kids are studying the World Wars.

You can find the syllabus link here for NSW

Outcomes covered
explains and assesses the historical forces and factors that shaped the modern world and Australia 

sequences and explains the significant patterns of continuity and change in the development of the modern world and Australia
explains and analyses the causes and effects of events and developments in the modern world and Australia
identifies and evaluates the usefulness of sources in the historical inquiry process
explains different contexts, perspectives and interpretations of the modern world and Australia
applies a range of relevant historical terms and concepts when communicating an understanding of the past
selects and uses appropriate oral, written, visual and digital forms to communicate effectively about the past for different audiences

Here is our box of resources, besides textbooks, that we will be using. This also doesn't include the DVDs we will be watching. These are numerous, but on our list are: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas,
Gallipoli, Life IS Beautiful, Bridge on the River Kwai, to name a few.

In the box there is a poetry book about war, a variety of novels, and two huge books that were purchased at Narellen op shop.The one on the right is filled with newspaper pages during the period...very interesting.

There is also a game called Axis & allies 1942 Second Edition . This is a strategic war game...You can click on the link to find it at Amazon. It was the cheapest I could find, including the postage...if you read my last post I got this as well in my bundle of 6 other  goodies posted for $80 all up. There were a variety of Axis and Allies games there, but this one was and appeared to be the best value...there's a $25 Axis and Allies 1941 Board Game dollar one, but it didn't get the best reviews on it...there's also more expensive ones too Axis And Allies Europe 1940 ...but $45 seemed just about right to me... :-)

The pieces inside are plastic but pretty sturdy...the actual board itself comes in two open it out...I'd say maybe 80 by 80cm big....and it's a map of the whole world....throw a bit of Geography in there as well...

I'm really looking forward to learning this game and playing it with the kids.

In the box is also a Japanese WW2 helmet that hubby picked up from a local garage sale.

We are also studying The Book Thief for English, and going to see it at the movies the second week back to work.

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  1. I challenge you to read Caesar the ANZAC dog without crying. It's in Narellan library.

  2. oh god know me..i'll be bubbering like an idiot....and i don't even know what it's about...i
    will see if its in our local library....thanks for the heads up...