Sunday, February 2, 2014

Our Week

Well....even though it was three days it's still Term 1 Week 1 done!

We had a good few days to be honest. Plenty of learning and folders looking great, with the kids having pride in their work.

The Noeo Physics Science curriculum is working well so far...I am liking the style of it.

The kids are enjoying listening to The Book Thief.

This coming week we will be starting a writing curriculum as well. Write With The Best by Jill Dixon.

The kids work through their Excel maths texts books.

They are working through their Geography text books.

History is the study of WWl for now, and they will also be watching movies and clips, as well as their text books.

For music and visual arts we just talked through what will be happening this year.

Design and technology will begin this week, with the design of something to make the learning room a nicer place to be in.

They enjoyed Parkour as well, with their Auslan class held in the park.
Here are some happy snaps of the week.


                                                       A snapshot of some war stories.

                                                    A snapshot of our working area.

                                 Why do they hate getting their photo taken?????

Here are some links for some of the resources we are using for this term.

The Book Thief
We are loving this story and plan on seeing the movie once we have read it. There are so many study guides and units out there, I just googled The Book Thief unit of work and I had the choice of many.
This can cover nearly every outcome in any stage of the syllabus, depending upon what work you decide to do with it.

Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop
I use this with the Noeo Physics lll curriculum. Its wonderful, and can't wait until the kids start to build the projects.

This would cover all the values and attitudes 1 in any stage.
Many of the skills outcomes are covered (working scientifically).
SC4 and SC5 -10PW (physical world)
SC4 and SC5-10PW   (physical world)

Elenco Electronics Snap Circuits Snaptricity
This also is used with Noeo Physics lll. Such a great quality kit.

This covers the same outcomes as above.

Went to the library today and borrowed some DVDs and a few books.
This looks great and if my kids, year 7, I will be purchasing if they like it. I have a few Usborne books...they are lovely and many have internet links to further the kids knowledge.

The Usborne Geography Encyclopedia with Complete World Atlas

OK...Well, here's hoping for another good week, although they have all come down with a flu, all of them at different stages of it, so we will see how it goes. Lucky I got plenty of documentaries on ANZACS, Animals and Ancient Egypt, along with MY PLACE...

Until next time
lots of it

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