Friday, June 13, 2014


Each fortnight we get together with a couple of families and have fun learning Auslan.

We do it as a LOTE...I know that's not on the official list of languages in nsw but we do it because it is the most useful to us.

We use the stage 4 and 5 language outcomes minus the written outcomes. We used the German outcomes and I swapped German fpr Auslan.


It certainly covers all the outcomes nicely.

RiDBC have a free app of 100 most common words you can sign...

You can find loads of sites with auslan finger spelling which is probably the most beneficial thing to learn. Heres one


Free resources for learning Auslan

Thanks Sarah...another great link...

My daughter has lost 2/3rds of her hearing and its getting worse. .. so out of all the languages to learn auslan is the most beneficial. ..

This week we all practiced our finger spelling with a partner. ..

We also practiced action signs.

Here is Miss M having her go at the action word.

Until next time

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