Thursday, June 5, 2014

Two Artworks Finished and a New Book...or 8...

Almost the end of the week again. It comes around so quick each week don't you think? Today we took it easy. I think the kids are getting sick and I'm not feeling that wonderful either. It is Winter now I guess.

By Connor

By Maddie

By Jacob

Got this from Bookworld online...great book and super quick delivery.

Got these from Amazon...great books.

Got these from Dover Publications. Pricey...but these will be great for when we do Vikings for Stage 4 and Romeo and Juliet soon.

Each first wednesday of the month we get together with a bushcare group and volunteer our morning for getting rid of invasive weeds in a local area. The children love it and work very hard. It's such a rewarding activity and I thoroughly recommend it.
For more information just google bushcare and find your local group. I am happy to email people with our local persons contact.

A more detailed post will follow written by tbe children. Here are some happy snaps from the day.

Getting ready to saw down some privet with mates.

An interesting bug.

Some bridal veil creeper with the huge tuber like root system. The kids are learning so much about the environment and caring for their local area.

Until next time
Take care

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